180 Hp Sugarcane Combine Harvester 4GQ-1B

Sugarcane Combine Harvester 4GQ-1B

  • Engine with 180 horsepower Cummins high pressure common rail system

    Electro-hydraulic control system

    Remote monitoring and diagnosis

products profile

1.The engine with 180 horsepower Bosch high pressure common rail system has strong power and lower fuel consumption;

2.the application of high-level unloading patent technology, with special transfer vehicles, more convenient material discharge, more efficient harvesting;

3. the overall girders patent technology, the lower center of gravity of the machine, stable walking, comfortable driving, fast transition speed, can adapt to the sugar cane harvest of the medium block with a certain slope;

4.The conveying channel adopts independent floating hollow core drum, and the patented technology of differential conveying makes the conveying smoother and the cane section is cleaner;

5. the whole machine uses electro-hydraulic control system, with multiple operation modes to choose, to achieve one-button operation, making harvesting operations more convenient, easier and more comfortable;

6.equipped with Beidou, GPS tracking, positioning system, and CAN bus technology, with mobile network system, effectively monitor sensor real-time data, can achieve remote monitoring and diagnosis.

products details

Sugarcane Combine Harvester 4GQ-1B

Sugarcane Combine Harvester 4GQ-1B

The tip cutter first cuts off the tips of the sugarcane. The spiral separator separates the sugar cane falling outward and the sugar cane entangled with each other. Collect the sugarcane in the harvesting line within the width of the harvester.

The push-down roller pushes the sugarcane down, while the vertical roller presses the sugarcane, the root cutter will then cut off the root sugarcane. The chopped sugarcane is fed into the harvester through the feeding drum. There is a cutting knife at the end of the feeding drum to cut the sugarcane to a certain length.The cut sugarcane is thrown into the bucket. During the throwing process, the first blower blows the sugarcane leaves out of the machine for the first separation of sugarcane and leaves.


Technical parameters

Model 4GQ-1B
Harvesting Type Segment
Row Space(MM) ≥900
Engine Power(kW) 103
Dimension(MM) 8030x2120x5070
Weight(Kg) 8100
Driving Type Hydraulic drive
Driving Speed(kW / H) 0-30
Workload(T / H) 6-9
Fuel Consumption(L/T) 1.8-2.3
Impurity ≤5%
Root Break Rate ≤5%
Land Adaptability Slope≤13%