2.2HP Walking Mulch Film Layer

2.2HP Walking Mulch Film Layer

  • Function: Mulching.


    Application: Ridge, Flat land.

products profile

1. Engine displacement 99cc;
2. Paper filter;
3. Hand tension clutch;
4. Belt and chain type;
5. Equipped vulcanized tyre;
6. Driving system with differential speed.

products details

2.2HP Walking Mulch Film Layer

2.2HP Walking Mulch Film Layer has uniform row spacing, consistent depth, standard film coating, and tight compaction. It has the function of heat preservation, water retention, increase production and income. It has complete functions, from sowing, fertilizing, spraying, covering to soil building. Greatly reduce the physical labor intensity of farmers and improve production efficiency. In recent years, it has been promoted rapidly and has become a good helper for farmers.

Plastic film can not only improve ground temperature, water retention, soil retention, fertilizer and fertilizer efficiency, but also prevent weeds, pests, droughts and floods, preserve salt and seedlings, improve near-surface light and heat conditions, as well as sanitation and cleaning products. For newly dug out seedlings, it has the function of root preservation and growth promotion.

Machine function: There are two kinds of agricultural mulching machine and mechanical power compound machine. It usually consists of a can opener, a film roller, a soil cover, a frame and so on. Some are also equipped with an electric sprayer device to meet the requirements of spraying herbicides, insecticides and other pesticides when mulching.

Technical parameters

Main Parameter Value
Matched power 1.6 kw
Weight 76 kg
Overall dimension 1880×1450×1070 mm
Economical fuel consumption 2-2.5 L/acre
Working width 800-1200 mm
Working speed 1.1-2.2 km/h
Efficiency 0.48-0.8 acre/h