7YGS 6t 8t Sugarcane Transportation self tipping Trailer

7YGS Sugarcane Transportation Self-Tipping Trailer

  • 7YGS 6-ton 8-ton self side  tipping  Sugarcane Transport Trailer is a sugarcane transporter specially developed by Chenhan Technology. It has its own hydraulic station, strong carrying capacity, high reliability, and automatic cane unloading. Easy to operate, it is a special trailer for sugarcane transportation.

products profile

  • STRUCTURE: Super-strengthened with double-tube steel profiles. However, the loading trolley also consists of double tubular steel profiles. And coated with metal plates. This allows for better visualization of loading and smooth unloading directions. Plus, it has 5 tilt hinges.
  • HYDRAULIC CONTROL PANEL: Display for easy coupling and easy view. Hoses 3/4″ and standardized terminals.
  • HEADER: Decentralized to avoid the the planting rows.
  • OPTIONAL: Movable header, adjustable for fixing the positions, central or decentralized.

products details

7YGS 6t 8t Sugarcane Transportation self-tipping Trailer


Technical parameters

Model 7YGS-20
Overall Linkage Method Trailer towed
Dimension Length (mm) 7300
Width (mm) 2780
Hight (mm) 3450
Weight (kg) 5000
Capacity (kg) 8000
Volume (m²) 20
Discharge Height (mm) 4350
Discharge Angle 39°
Axle form Type Dual axis (suspended)
Wheel Base (mm) 1460
Wheel Track (mm) 1900
Tire Model 550/60-22.5
Number 4
Unloading Type Side discharge
Cylinder Number 2
Volume (L) 52 (two sets