Multi-functional Orchard Air blasting Sprayer

Multi-functional Orchard Air blasting Sprayer

  • Multi-functional Orchard Air blasting Sprayer equipped with two engines, walking and spraying power can be independently controlled. The product can be used for transportation and spraying, one machine multi-purpose, save time and money, efficient and practical.

products profile

  1. Two engines are equipped to provide power for walking and spraying system respectively for good operation quality and high working efficiency.
  2. The machine can be used as a transport vehicle for high-usage and good incomes by easy modification (optional).
  3. 2F+1R transmission for better operating speed up to 7.8km/h.
  4. A rear mounting fan for better safety and working condition.
  5. 300L tank for longer working time.
  6. The spraying range of 6-12 meters can meet the needs of different heights.
  7. Diesel or gasoline engines are both available to choose.
  8. Optional spraying gun and/or air tower spraying device for specific tasks.

products details

Multi-functional Orchard Air blasting Sprayer

Multi-functional Orchard Air blasting Sprayer

The high-speed airflow of the self-propelled air-feeding sprayer helps the droplets to penetrate the lush fruit branches and leaves, and promotes the turning of the leaves. Improve the adhesion rate of the liquid medicine and will not damage the branches of the fruit tree or damage the fruit.

The method of application, frequency and time of application are obviously several significant factors that determine the effect of the application. Before spraying the fruit trees, the liquid medicine added to the water tank should be well proportioned. In this way, a good control effect can be achieved and unnecessary economic losses can be avoided.

To prevent and control insect pests with pesticides, water consumption must be sufficient. In order to satisfy the sprayer fan blade blowing atomization molding effect is good. Only in this way can it be ensured that the leaves are fully and evenly applied, and the droplets are diffused, spread, and suspended. Especially effective for killing flying insects. It can prevent the infectious bacteria in the air from being atomized by the self-propelled air-feeding sprayer. So as to obtain a good control effect.

The air delivery spraying machine can meet the spraying and watering needs of various industries. It also occupies an advantageous position in the field of greening. It reduces work pressure, reduces labor costs, and invests less in capital costs.

Technical parameters

             Model KR-SL-1 KR-SL-2 KR-SL-3
Type Self-propelled
Starting mode manual recoil starter
Dimension(Length x Width x Height )(mm) 2400 x1040x1200
Engine for driving Model 170F/P
Type Air – cooled, four – stroke gasoline engine
Engine for spraying Model 170 F/P 190F/P 192F
Rated power(kW) 4 8.5 8.5
Type Air – cooled, four – stroke gasoline engine Air – cooled, four – stroke diesel engine
Gearbox Type Manual mechanical gearbox
Gear shift 2F+1R
Driving speed(km/h) 1.5-7.8
Pump Operationg Pressure(Mpa) 1.0-2.0
Fan Type Axial flow
Diameter (mm) 500
Speed(r/min) 3000-4000
Tank volume (L) 300
Spraying radius(m) 6.0-12