Potato Combine Harvester 4UZ-2J


    Potato Combine Harvester 4UZ-2J with 140 horsepower, easy switching between four and two wheel drive, full channel coating, which is lead to fuel efficient and keep the potatoes intact. Also, adapt to various terrain operations



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Potato Combine Harvester 4UZ-2J

A Potato Combine Harvester is a type of Vehicle in Farming Simulator. This self-propelled machine can perform both parts of the Potato harvest simultaneously: Cutting the haulms and collecting the potatoes from the ground. It works very much like a normal Harvester

Technical parameters

Model 4UZ-2J
Weight of the whole machine (curb weight) 5520 kg
Working width 1650 mm
Overall dimensions of the machine L×W×H (full size) 8250×2495×3320 mm
Wheelbase 2500 mm
wheel spacing 1850/1870 mm
Minimum ground clearance ≥280 mm
Approach / departure angle 16/14°
Gradeability Longitudinal slope 20%
Steering mode back turn
Turning radius <5.5 m
Maximum speed (km/h) ≥20 km/h
Braking distance Braking distance at initial speed of 20 km/h 6 m
Hydraulic system rated pressure 16 Mpa
Tire model 13.6-24/7.5-20/9.5-20
Power/speed 103kw/2200r/min
Type Turbocharged
Work efficiency 0.3-0.4 Hm2/h