Tractor Trailed Vibratory Roller

Tractor Trailed Vibratory Roller

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The structure of the whole machine is compact and reasonable, with good performance, reliable quality and high work efficiency.
The roller is able to increase the rate of utilization and return on investment of a large power tractor by extending applicable scope of the tractor to the pavement construction market.
The Low purchase cost and short payback period reduce customer’s investment risk. The optimal eccentric moment and exciting force of the vibration drum makes the rolling effect (exciting force) are equivalent to a 14-ton single-roller roller, but the price is only one-fifth of it.
The hydraulic pump motor adopts Parker brand products with stable performance, high reliability and long-life cycle.

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Tractor Trailed Vibratory RollerTractor Trailed Vibratory Roller


Technical parameters

Operating Mass 3000 kg
Vibration Frequency 50 HZ
Exciting Force 100 kn
Dimension(L×W×H) 1856×2278×1223
Vibration Drum Width 2120 mm
Drum diameter 1100 mm
Swing angle ±9°