Agriculture UAV 3WKF-16

  • Our company’s remote control multi-rotor plant protection/sprayer drone has the advantages of stable performance, accurate operation (no heavy spray, no leaking spray), high efficiency and environmental protection, good operation effect, low cost, strong penetration, high reliability, safety, and easy operation.

products profile

1.Maximum load is 16L, high working efficiency;
2.Modular design of the whole machine, convenient maintenance;
3.Foldable propellers are used for convenient and quick storage;
4.The data is displayed in real time, and the flight status can be grasped at any time;
5.The whole machine is foldable, convenient for transfer and transportation;
6.The medicine box adopts a conical design, which has a good anti-shock effect.

products details

Agricultural UAV Wheat Disease and Pest Control

Technical parameters

Model 3WKF-16
Product Name Remote Control Multi-rotor Plant Praotection UAV
Net weight of the whole machine 21.6 kg (including all working parts)
Maximum capacity of medicine cabinet 16L
Outline Dimensions 2340 x 2340 x 590 mm (including propeller)
Propeller material High strength carbon fiber
Unfolded length of spray bar 1600mm
Spray nozzle 4
Operation speed 7m/s
Spray width 4~7m
Maximum operational flight speed 7m/s
Standard operating load 10kg
Lithium polymer battery 44.4 v/22000 mAh
Relative flying altitude 1-3 meters away from crops
Spraying area per sortie 3.7-4.4acre
No-load continuous flight 20min
Fully loaded continuous flight 10min
Control method remote control, mobile phone, tablet
Transport package dimensions 1050 x 1050 x 650 mm
Product + packaging weight 55 kg