5.4HP Weeding Power Tiller RC

5.4HP Weeding Mower RC

  • Function: Weeding.


    Application: Garden, Tea field, Mulberry field, Tobacco field, Greenhouse.

products profile

1.Engine displacement 212cc;
2.Remote control, worker machine separated,safe operations;
3.The maximum acceptable operating distanceof 200 meters;
4.Generating power while working, hybrid doublepower output;
5.New structure blades, can self-rotating andautomatically dodge;
6.Use safe 24V voltage;
7.Equipped with 4v rubber driven wheels.

products details

5.4HP Weeding Power Tiller RC
5.4HP Weeding Power Tiller RC

5.4HP Weeding Mower RC1. It adopts radio remote control and manual operation system as a whole, which saves time, effort, and easily improves efficiency. The driver holds the remote control, within the actual remote control distance, you can easily and reliably manipulate the machine forward, turn, stop, and raise and lower agricultural implements.

2. The design height of the machine is relatively low, and it can be operated under the canopy of fruit trees in cooperation with remote control. It is very convenient to complete weeding, loosening, fertilizing and other operations without damaging the canopy and significantly reducing the labor intensity of the driver. It is suitable for use in short and densely planted orchards.
3. The machine adopts chain track walking device, which has strong adhesion and strong ability to climb slopes and cross ditch.
4. The machine has a low center of gravity, good stability and safe operation.
5. This machine has multiple functions and is matched with different agricultural machinery. It can complete many operations such as rotary tillage, weeding, loosening, fertilizing, ditching, spraying, transportation, etc.

Technical parameters

Main Parameter Value
Matched power 4 kw
Weight 95 kg
Overall dimension 850×620×560 mm
Economical fuel consumption 5.4-6.6 L/acre
Working width 500 mm
No. of blades 4 slices
Working speed 0-3.2 km/h
Efficiency 0.2-0.4 acre/h