Beet Combine Harvester 4TQ-4

  • Beet Combine Harvester 4TQ-4 with 120 horsepower, wide working width, easy operate and maintenance, high quality also high efficiency.

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Beet Combine Harvester 4TQ-4

A Beet Combine Harvester is a type of Vehicle in Farming Simulator. This self-propelled machine can perform both parts of the Sugar Beet harvest simultaneously: Cutting the haulms and collecting the beets from the ground. It works very much like a normal Harvester

Technical parameters

Model 4TQ-4
Length 5920 mm
Width 4280 mm
High 3390 mm
Supporting power 69-88 kW
Unload height 3200 mm
Total Weight 3816 kg
Power shaft speed (P.T.O) 540-1000 r/min
Speed of work 4-6 km/h
Work efficiency 1.3-1.6 acre/h
Way of elimination Split chain
Way of mining Shovel excavation
Mounting method Trailed
How to uninstall Hydraulic