Orchard Crawler Tractor with Sprayer

Orchard Crawler Tractor with Sprayer

  • One machine with nine functions:Rotary cultivating, Ditching, Earth back filling, Ridging, Fertilizing, Pesticide applying, Grass cutting, Branch comminution, Transportation

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Orchard Crawler Tractor with Sprayer

Crawler Orchard Tractor with Sprayer:

1. Low grounding ratio to protect the soil.

2. The traction force is large, and the operation advantage is obvious.

3. Strong passability and climbing ability. Compared with a wheeled tractor, it has a wider range of use and less damage to soil nutrients. The three-point suspension connection method is selected, which can be used in common with wheeled tractors and agricultural tools, reducing investment costs. The tool is convenient and simple to change, the power output is large, and the horsepower is sufficient!

The source of the crawler tractor can be found in 1713, when the Frenchman M. Dhermand M. Dhermand expedition to its crawler trailer, using crawlers instead of defining wheels.The initial design and prototype followed the original concept, but it wasn't until nearly 10 hours before the first car produced 20 tracked crawlers to verify.It was not until 1901, when people needed a log loader that could gain power in the snow, that the first mass-produced car equipped with a crawler system, the Lombard log loader, was released.

Technical parameters

Power 28 HP as standard , 24 HP as optional
Overall Dimensions (including rotary cultivator) 2300*920*850mm
Ground Clearance 170mm
Wheel base 750mm
Engine Single-cylinder water-cooled diesel engine
Number of gears (3 forward + 1 reverse) * high/low speed
Distance for Remote control ≥50M
Speed range 0.6-5.6 Km/hs