5.4HP Weeding Mower

  • Function: Weeding.


    Application: Garden, Tea field, Mulberry field, Tobacco field, Greenhouse.

products profile

1. Engine displacement 212cc;

2. Generating power while working, hybriddouble power output;

3. Move forward backward, stepless adjust todriven wheels;

4. New structure blades, can self-rotating andautomatically dodge;

5. Use safe 24V voltage;

6. Up and down adjusted steering design.

products details

5.4HP Weeding Power Tiller

5.4HP Weeding Power Tiller

5.4HP Weeding Mower

The power tiller has the characteristics of light weight, small size and simple structure. It is widely used in dry land, paddy field and orchard in plains, mountains and hills. It is convenient for users to use and store, and avoid the trouble that large agricultural machinery can't enter the mountains.

The micro tillage machine has the following advantages:

1. Small size, light weight, convenient operation, saving time and effort when working;

2. Rugged and durable. The micro-tiller is a cast steel box, which has the advantages of good rigidity, no deformation, high precision, and long practical life;

3. Multi-functions, rotary tillage, deep tillage, ditching, ridge formation, intertillage weeding, sowing and fertilization, spraying, pumping, transportation and many other agronomics. The micro tillage machine has truly realized one machine with multiple functions, spending the same money, and doing multiple thing;

4. Good economic performance, reasonable transmission ratio, 10% energy saving than traditional tiller under the same working environment;

5. The width of the wheel is adjustable, the handle is up and down, and the left and right are adjustable, which can be suitable for different working environments;

6. Practical scope-greenhouses, mountainous hills, dry land, paddy fields, etc.

Technical parameters

Main Parameter Value
Matched power 4 kw
Weight 85 kg
Overall dimension 1600×600×850 mm
Economical fuel consumption 5.4-6.6 L/acre
Working width 500 mm
No. of blades 4 slices
Working speed 0-3.2 km/h
Efficiency 0.2-0.4 acre/h