0.9HP Side-mounted Brush cutter

0.9HP Side-mounted Brush cutter

  • Function: Harvesting, Cutting, Trimming.


    Application: Garden, Municipal greening, Land reclamation, Harvest and fields management.

products profile

1. Engine displacement 31cc;

2. The throttle switch with U-shaped handle to make theoperation more comfortable;

3. With sponge straps, it is more comfortable and has notightness;

4. The operating rod uses 2.0 brushed aluminum tubeswith high hardness;

5. The working head is thickened with aluminum parts,and can be continuously used for more than 200 hours.

products details

0.9HP Side-mounted Brush cutter

The brush cutter is a kind of forestry machinery. It is used for forest land clearing, young forest tending, secondary forest transformation and forest tending felling, etc. Cutting shrubs, weeds, pruning branches, cutting trails, cutting bamboo and other operations. Equipped with some replaceable additional devices or equipment on the brush cutter. It can also be used for harvesting crops such as rice and wheat, as well as pumping water, drilling holes, spraying pesticides and other operations. The development of brush cutters is closely related to the development of small power machinery.

The characteristics of the brush cutter are flat work, simple operation, and the objects that need to be cut. Mainly the grass has strong cutting ability, which is suitable for high-yield grassland and large parks. The lawn mower relies on the relative shearing movement of the movable knife and the fixed knife on the cutter to cut grass. It is characterized by neat stubble cutting and low power required. However, it has poor adaptability to pastures and is easy to block, so it is suitable for flat natural pastures and artificial pastures.

The brush cutter relies on the impact of the blade on the high-speed rotating cutter head to cut the forage. With the improvement of technology, the working capacity of the newly improved lawn mower products has increased a lot. In terms of speed, it has improved a lot, saved the working time of weeding workers, and saved a lot of human resources.0.9HP Side-mounted Brush cutter

Technical parameters

Matched power 0.7kWx8.5kg
Weight 151*34*32cm(L*W*H)
Overall dimensionEconomicalfuelconsumption 1.1-1.4kg/h
Cutting efficiency 0.1-0.2acre/h
Idling 3300+300 (r/min)